About us

Backed by decades of expertise, the Razorback range is a display of pioneering design and the high quality expected of an established British manufacturer.

Headed by Martin Lole, a farmer and engineer who has enjoyed a successful career as the driving force behind several leading UK grassland and conservation agriculture brands, Razorback draws on over 100 years of combined industry knowledge shared by its experienced engineering, sales and service teams.

The innovative range includes state-of-the-art rotary hedge cutting and mowing solutions which are synonymous with quality, durability and ease of use.

Razorback challenges the status quo by continuously pushing the envelope in terms of innovation and offer high-end, user-friendly specification as standard.

Designed with superior quality, strength and versatility in mind, Razorback products can withstand the test of even the most demanding of applications, making it the brand of choice for agricultural and amenity users alike.

Extensive testing during the development process gives Razorback operators peace of mind in knowing they have invested in tried and tested solutions that will deliver on their promise.

The high benchmark of Razorback’s quality is mirrored by exceptional after-sales service and field support to ensure users get the most out of their machinery.