Award winning residue management system on show at Groundswell 2021

Debuting its striking green livery at Groundswell for the first time, Razorback will be exhibiting its award-winning residue management system – the RT Series rotary mower and harrow.

The British manufacturer’s RT Series rotary mower and harrow system bagged the Gold medal at the LAMMA 2020 Innovation Awards in the Arable Innovation category and went on to win the Founders Award for best overall innovation at the show. Recognised for its benefits in slug control and stale seedbed preparation, the duo impressed the judges for its innovative, environmental applications.

The harrow features five rows of extra stiff 28” tines, that offer higher frequency vibration which enhance the shatter action making it ideal for accelerating straw decomposition and stimulating weed chit in stubbles.

When following the RT Series rotary mower, stubbles can be topped, debris distributed and the surface stimulated to promote a flush of weeds and volunteers ahead of Autumn drilling in one pass.

By consolidating two passes into a single operation, the combination can save users time and diesel helping to bring down establishment costs and can mean growers are able to make best use of their available chemistry to achieve an effective weed kill.

The harrow also provides cultural control for slug pressure, particularly in Oilseed Rape stubbles where cutting and smashing residue significantly reduces slug habitats, reducing reliance on molluscicide’s.

With adjustable tine angle, the harrow is also an effective tool for invigorating grassland directly behind the RT Series wing mowers.

Over time, cut residue can often settle at the base of the canopy and form a thatch which can have a detrimental impact on the quality of the regrowth, leaving pastures feeling tired and unproductive.

By disturbing residue in the lower levels of the sward, the wrap around tines promote better aeration, and can reinvigorate grassland, resulting in healthier growth.

The system was developed on the manufacturers trial farm in Worcestershire and has been designed by farmer and engineer, Martin Lole.

With a background in vegetation management and establishment equipment, Razorback is the result of over 100 years of combined industry knowledge shared by its experienced engineering, sales and service teams.


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