Grass and Stubble Harrow

The New Razorback RT 500 Rotary Mower with Trailed Harrow Delivers Exceptional Versatility

Boasting a high standard of British engineering, the RT 500 with Trailed Harrow positions itself as an indispensable tool in the management of grassland and stubble.

The action of the harrow’s five rows of 24” tines invigorate grassland directly behind the mower and promotes better aeration by disturbing residue in the lower levels of the sward, stimulating healthier regrowth.

In a single pass, the duo has proven itself to be a vital cultural component for slug control, particularly in Oilseed Rape stubbles where cutting and smashing residue significantly reduces slug habitats and pressure to the following crop, reducing reliance on molluscicide’s particularly important for water sensitive areas.

The combination also saves users time and diesel when managing stale seedbeds, consolidating two passes into a single operation, cutting and stimulating to accelerate the decomposition of surface straw whilst generating the perfect environment for an effective flush of weeds prior to drilling.

Whilst the Harrow has been specifically designed to complement the RT 500, the trailed implement’s design by no means puts it in second place. With a uniquely designed parallel linkage, the tines maintain constant contact with the ground independently of the drawbar, whether affixed behind the RT 500 or directly to the tractor.

With or without the Harrow the RT 500 offers users a range of innovative features that put the new entrant at the forefront of the industry.



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