RT 500

Rotary Mower

With a cutting width of five metres, the Razorback RT500 mower boasts solid construction and efficient rotary blade action that make light work of most demanding agricultural and amenity operations.

As you would expect from a British-engineered product built on decades of heritage, the Razorback RT500 has been developed with strength and durability in mind.

It features an easy-clean double skin deck and full-length removable skid shoes to extend the longevity of the machine.

Additionally, the RT500 is fitted with the highest specification Bondioli & Pavesi gearboxes and driveshafts with latest easy lubrication system. Housed by top of the range guards, the 250 HP driveline assembly provides ample power to the mower’s three triple-blade rotors. The wing free float helps to protect the hydraulic rams from excessive wear.

Exceptional Finish

The combination of the deck’s unique shape and the triple blade configuration produces unapparelled updraft to award users a superior cut, even where a longer swath finish is desired. The free-swinging blades have been produced out of Swedish boron steel and incorporate a generous overlap to deliver an exceptionally clean cut and even distribution of chopped residue across the entire working width of the machine.

The RT500 features four individually pressurised wheel arms fitted with heavy duty wheels on twin axles which award superior stability thanks to better cutting height control, contributing towards a smoother finish. Additionally, the RT500’s wings offer a wide range of movement enabling the machine to closely follow the contours of the ground. Debris is contained by the front and rear chain guards.

Built with Durability and Usability in mind

As well as the fine quality of the cut, the attention to detail on RT500 extends to other useful features such as a tight turning circle, a PTO driveline rest, high visibility LED lighting bar and compact transportation width of just 2.4m.

The high-end specification and exceptional performance in all conditions make the Razorback RT500 a broadly appealing choice for farms, airports, racecourses, council authorities and amenity contractors alike.



Overall Width
Overall Length
Transport Width
Transport Height Minimum
Transport Height Maximum
Cutting Width
Cutting Height
0mm - 400mm
Cutting Capacity
6 ha/hour
Horsepower Requirement
80+ HP
Front Hitch
Parallel Levelling Hitch
Hydraulic Hose Rack
Driveline Assebly
High Specification Bondioli & Pavesi Gearboxes and Driveshafts
PTO Speed
PTO Holder
Main Driveshaft Joint
80° Constant Velocity Joint
Driveline Protection
Heavy Duty Slip Clutch Protection complete with Input Over run Clutch
Splitter Gearbox Rating
250 HP
Rotor Gearbox Rating
150 HP
Number of Rotors
Number of Updraft Swinging Blades
9 (3 per Rotor)
Blade Overlap
Blade Construction
Swedish Boron Steel
Hydraulic Wing Operating Range
Deck Construction
Double Skin
Front and Rear Guards
Heavy Duty Close Link Chain
Rear LED Road Lighting Kit
Heavy Duty Low Profile Implement Wheels
Wheel Mounting
Twin Axle
Wheel Assembly
8 Twin Axle Wheels (2 per axle)
Rear Implement Hitch


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